Scottish Man Steals £1,500 Worth Scratch Cards – Wins None

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Andrew Lochrie, A Scottish man was found guilty for stealing the scratch cards of worth £1,500 from the shop he used to serve but the luck wasn’t at his side at all. He won nothing from the scratch cards worth £1,500.

The Scottish man who found guilty was in dept and this act was his desperate attempt in a desperate time as the lawyer of the Andrew
Lochrie said.

The theft was done to clear up the dept however it turned no tables as the cards themselves brought no rewards. A bad luck in the bad times.

Andrew Lochrie was a 28 year old man, serving at the co-op in Gourock from where he was stealing the scratch cards. He kept this routine for the duration of three months in the year of 2017 and finally got caught.

Miss McGinty, the lawyer of Mr. Andrew Lochrie added: “There was an investigation within the workplace and he made full and frank admissions to his employers.

“He is filled with shame and regret. It is not lost on Mr Lochrie that he was in a position of trust. Miss McGinty added.

However, Mr. Andrew has been ordered to pay his former employees £1,500 in order to compensate.

With that compensation, Mr. Andrew has been ordered to do 200 hours of unpaid work in the duration of nine months too

Sheriff Andrew McIntyre said: “That is a lesson in itself that £1,500 worth of scratchcards didn’t yield anything

“This offence crosses the threshold for prison but I must consider whether there are alternatives to that. Sheriff added.


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