The kids have not taken over the world of mobile phones yet but they have conquered a significant portion of it. To save them from the hazards of these technological advancements, we have to limit their exposure.

While browsing the internet we come across many ads. Most of these are controlled by artificial intellignece programs and some other piesces of high power codes that show us the ads which can result in a lead for the advertiser but there should be a limit on such excellence.

What if the children are using those websites. What impression does the statement ” Double your money ” makes onto their mind when they see such a claim from the gambling related site such as the binary trading websites and other.

It’s important to limit the exposure off the kids towards the gambling world because of many reasons. They simply can’t understand their limitations to approach the gambling world.

Thus all this scenario paved way for the banning of advertisement ( gambling related ) for the Kids.

Any kind of website which is famous among the kids ( by famous we mean if 25% or more of the visitors from that website are kids ), that would be banned from displaying gambling related advertisement.

Another move in the same direction is the banning of the such ads featuring anyone under 18 years old, or any celebrities who even appear to be under 25 if gambling is being promoted.

The ban is also implemented upon the advertisements that pop up or just randomly show around in the video games that are popular among the children.

This initiative goes into affect by the April 1, and can be followed up by the countries such as Australia.

Not only children friendly websites but the bookmakers will also be forced to restrict their ads from sections of sites that are youth-oriented.

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