Sports Betting Voted 8-4 In Favor Of Legalization In Washington, DC

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On Tuesday 19 February, the bill has been passed which was meant for the faster implementation of the the previous bill which suggested the legalization of the sports betting in DC, this bill was passed around a year ago.

The bill passed on the February 19 was meant to fast-track it’s implementation. The bill was voted 8-4 in the council and soon we can expect some sports betting.

With the sports betting being legally allowed in the Washington, DC; there has to be many stones unturned. For this the bill suggests the DC lottery operator to be the entity who would control the matters of sports betting in the DC.

D.C. Chief Financial Officer Jeffrey DeWitt had also urged the lawmakers to fast-track a new lottery contract for Intralot as the previous bidding process if adopted could result in another 2-3 years of delay.

This shows how much interest there is prevailing the sports betting among the officials. Among the 12 members of the Council, 8 of them voted in favor of it while the other 4 voted against it.

This will result in early revenue and maximize the ability of the District to be an early adopter of sports wagering

said Council Chairman Phil Mendelson.

Although there seems to be huge support for the legalization of Sports betting and rushing for it’s implementation, However there are members who seem to disagree with it, after all it got 4 ” not-in-favor” votes.
A Council member David Grosso (I-At Large) said that they are not supporting for the rush that seems to tax the poor.

However, we can see some negotiations among the members as the matter get rolled away a bit further.

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