No Gambling Aims For The Next Decade In The Republic Of Kosovo

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Kosovo’s government is upto banning the gambling for 10 years. This decision has it’s roots in the deaths of two casino workers this month during armed robberies in separate towns.

On Friday, an extraordinary session of Kosovo’s parliament approved a measure to suspend operations at all gambling venues ahead of a permanent ban on their operations.

Avdullah Hoti, leader of the opposition Democratic League of Kosovo (DLK) party, put forward the motion, which received unanimous support from all 74 sitting MPs.

The government officials and the bodies did not even waste a single hour and immediately were seen enforcing the government’s suspension of gambling.

As the temporary ban was placed and all the gambling venues except those of lottery were closed, the government is upto the idea introducing some new piece of legislation within 30 days that will permanently put an end to the gambling in Kososvo.

The Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj seemed to like the initiative of anti gambling push by the government and is seen to be among those who are supportive of this action by the government.

He also posted on facebook saying the government would seek cabinet approval of the measure next week. Adding that the government could no longer allow casinos and betting shops “to be arenas of crime that claim people’s lives.

Only a state controlled lottery will be able to operate

Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj

“It is total chaos, a total abuse and it is good that we are stopping this,” Haradinaj told a press conference. The ban proposal will now be sent to parliament for approval.

If approved, the ban will be in force for 10 years.

The gambling sector of Kosovo generated around €15.8m in taxes for the last year. Unlike the other gambling giants like the Philippines who generate much of their good cause money through gambling, kosovo seems to take the opposite route. Either the government could move to strengthen the gambling revenue and use it for the good cause or eliminate gambling and find other ways to strengthen the economy

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