UK Government To Turn Down Credit Cards For Gambling

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Previously we saw the UK government concerned about the gambling related advertisement which resulted in the ban of gambling related advertisement on the website which have the ” children ” as their potential visitors. Read more here.

This time we see the government of UK concerned about another big yet important part of the picture. Which is putting some stakes with the credit card.

One of the primary and most important rule of the gambling related activities is that

Don’t bet the money you can’t afford to loose

This golden rule is necessary to upcome any sort of gambling addiction that might build up unknowingly and to counter and bad habits that build up like the excess money usage in gambling activities.

But the government knows when people are under the influence of it, they put more then what they have which results in debts. This notion resulted in the presentation of the banning of credit card gambling in the UK and resulted in a great support from the Government officials.

The  Opposition leaders from the Labour Party have been looking for a ban on credit in gambling and Culture Secretary Jeremy Wright has indicated that the government is already looking at how to address the issue.

Jeremy Wright also stated that around 20% of the deposits made on the gaming sites are made through the credit cards and also suggested that banning the credit card usage for the gaming activities would result in reduced participation the gambling activities.

Thus banning the credit card usage for the sake of gambling activities in UK would help limit the gambling needs of the people.

Not only people are trapping themselves in dept with the credit card usage but also are in search of any fraudulent means to own and abuse the credit cards for the gambling needs.

It is an important step towards the peace among the gambling community and chances are we would see the news of “credit cards banned for gambling activities in UK  ” floating around soon.

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