Casino Disappeared Leaving Players And Investors In Shocking Pain

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It is literally a shocking pain to see your fund go in vain. A similar fate was encountered by the players of ” DooTron ” casino. It’s an online casino which uses the crypto-currency for cash flow.

All of a sudden the casino has gone *poof ( Disappear ) which made all the players as well as the invesstors shocked up, making them take this matter to twitter. We all can imagine how creep that is ..

While many players were up for the notion that the tokens can be used somehow, it’s no longer the case. The tokens are worthless.

Two types of tokens were available on the DooTron platform. The first ones were the DOO token from the complex Hi-Lo game. At the time of the platform’s disappearance, there were more than 59 million DOO tokens in circulation, with 1,204 separate holders. The second game was also available on the online casino and had it’s own tokens. Shoot was a variation of Hi-Lo. Slightly more than 1.4 million SHOOT tokens were issued as it was a newer game

The tokens can be sold or kept in order to get dividends from the casino’s profit pool. Certain Tron casinos will have as much as 70% of all profits in the pool.

The casino was using the Tron blockchain which is now the most successful way to deal with the online casino stuff.

The only way to get back what seems to go in vain is to wish for the best. Both the investors and the players can do nothing but for the fact that one day their respective casino would return back to life and all their frozen token could be worthy again.

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