$355 Million Revenue – 3% Increase in Detroit Casino’s Revenue

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Detroit three casinos got their year on year figure pumped up more than 3% percent from the last year but if the results are compared within the monthly limits then a decrease of 4% has been seen.

Evaluating the new taxation amount which has jumped from $9.2 million to $9.3 million, the 4% decrease which rose from the revenues from September and October is still enough.

While keeping an eye on the Detroit Casinos,

  • The MGM Grand Detroit ( 4% increase in YOY -> $153.2 million
  • Motorcity recieved 2% growth -> $119.3 million
  • Geektown suffered a 1.8% decreament in YOY -> $26.7 million

From the january 2018 to the September 2018, the Detroit casinos have been seen to generate 2.3% increase in the YOY -> 1.08 billion

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