A Million Dollar Revenue Machine – Slots At Casino

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Casino’s revenue now-a-days mostly depends upon the fancy machines it has, I am talking about the slots machines. According to the survey, these machines are responsible for a 70% generation in revenue for that particular survey.

The slots machines are fun. No rocket science, no fool proof strategy. Jut pull the lever and boom.

Either you get the reward or that ” one more time ” dopamine mind rush is what you get. The chances of you feeding the machine are higher than the machine feeding you but it’s fun as long as you are playing around with the money that you can afford to loose.

Although some would agree with the fact that slot machines do have strategies and all but believe me it’s pretty damn simple. Just lever. That’s all.

Who could have thought a invention like this could have generated millions of revenue. Think of it, the 70% of the total revenue is from the slots. That means 70% of the gamblers like to play around with the slot machines.

A crazy invention though, but hey as long as it works. Slot machines have made their name in the industry and let’s hope for the best. As their is no strategy and anything involve except the luck itself. Yeah, you need luck.

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