I am Rizvi and zlotto is my personal gambling blog. With a desire to learn so much in gambling niche, I thought why not grow through it instead of go through it. That’s why I started a blog. This motivates me for my passion as well as keeps it all organized.

I am good at one thing, it’s the ability to learn in detail. Since blogging is also a part of my life, I make detailed case studies in the world of gambling. You may check my latest case studies here.

zlotto provides the hottest news in the gambling industry. These news can include some law changes in gambling department, something new emerging as a gambling, some gambling raid, some lotto results, some tournament. Literally everything from the world of gambling. When it’s too hot to be a news I just explore it all. Head over to the news section and you would notice every news article covered with hell a lot of details and different possibilities are discussed for each scenario.

Besides case studies and NEWS, I post some researches too. These are conducted rarely but are of tremendous value. You may glance through my research here.

It’s not just about the words that are written it’s also about those which are spoken. You may have a deep look at the zlotto’s content present on youtube and God you don’t want to miss the daily podcast do you?. You may check it all by heading to the Home page.