HOPE Scholarship Estimated To Spike Up With $750 million JP

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The estimated jackpot for the saturday night is the fourth largest in US history, it is $750 million.

Yeah you guessed it right. Since the jackpot amount is huge, there is no way people are going to mis it in any way even if they have to stand in huge lines to get their tickets. But the plot twist is that the odds are 292.2 million against 1. there has to be something better than it.

That’s why those standing in huge lines are contended in a manner that even if they win it or not, they are gonna help the education.

Profit for the scholarship jumped $34 million during the recent Mega Millions hysteria which is good for students seeking help in funding. Let’s consider the views of a student recieving the scholarship from HOPE

“I was a HOPE recipient when I first started college,” Georgia State student Bianca Walker said. “It definitely helped a lot.”

That’s motivation for some people to put money on the line.

“You want to win,” said Edward Willis, a regular lottery player at the Flat Shoals Food Mart in Decatur. “But you know you’re putting money in to help education.”

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