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Lottery Sambad results are announced three times a day. The first is announced at the 11 AM following another announcement at around 4 PM with the final lottery sambad draw announcement at 8 PM.

The draws for the Lottery sambad are held every single day except for any major day ( for that, the people are already told about it through one way or the other )

There is no prize difference for any draw type, the number however vary. The prize structure for the draws held at the 11 AM would be the same as the 4 PM and 8 PM.

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Lottery Sambad is the official state lottery of Nagaland State of India. The Lottery sambad is one of the most popular lotteries that are being played in India. Lottery sambad has won the good intentions of many people ans is being  is played in of North Eastern States like Nagaland, Mizoram and West Bengal.

Lottery sambad offers a wide range prize structures for specific combinations. A prize is won if the number printed onto the lottery ticket of the player matches with any of those which appear in the draw. Various numbers are distributed according to the prize structures. The same number could appear for the first prize and the last prize.

Lottery sambad is a legal lottery system adopted by the Nagaland state. To get yourself enrolled in the lottery sambad, simply visit a lottery outlet or a store and buy a ticket. You need to be a legal citizen to participate in the Lottery Sambad.


Is Lottery Sambad Legal?

Yes, lottery sambad is the officially regulated lottery from the state of Nagaland.

Are There Any Restrictions To Play Lottery Sambad?

Yes the person must be a citizen of India and should be of legal age allowed for the participation ( 18 years or older )

How To Participate In Lottery Sambad?

Participation in the lottery sambad is easy. All needed is a lottery ticket which can easily be bough from a high grade general store or a lottery booth. After the ticket has been possessed, the lottery sambad results should be checked with great care to see if any winnings are made or not

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