Norway Lotteries To Undergo New Rules – DNS Blocking Even

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Gambling in Norway is hugely popular and is provided by two state-run entities. The number one is the  Norsk Tipping ( Responsible for the majority of the gambling services in the country ) and the second one is Norsk Rikstoto ( Although it does the same : controlling the gambling industry but only to the horse racing in it )

Under the newly introduced rules, the Norwegian Gaming Authority has made itself more autonomous in many ways. The gambling regulator will be able to punish international gambling operators that breach the country’s gambling regulations and provide unlicensed operations.

the gaming authority can now get the annual reports from the banks to hunt for any transaction between the Norwegian national and any international betting kinda site.

Since all of this is going to be on the internet, the access to the international gambling website would be blocked too via DNS blocking.

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