Uk49s Teatime Results

Tuesday 21 May 2019
10-13-32-44-45-49 05
Friday 17 May 2019
11-12-19-20-28-36 41


Thursday 16 May 2019
13-30-36-44-47-49 10


Wednesday 15 May 2019
02-15-16-17-34-49 40


Tuesday 14 May 2019
05-25-27-37-38-41 46


Monday 13 May 2019
09-11-24-36-40-49 31


Sunday 12 May 2019
10-13-19-30-44-47 22


Saturday 11 May 2019
03-17-19-30-31-40 38


Friday 10 May 2019
10-16-17-23-30-34 14


Thursday 09 May 2019
10-15-18-24-34-41 05


Wednesday 08 May 2019
03-09-11-28-35-47 25


Tuesday 07 May 2019
11-22-36-43-48-49 46


Sunday 06 May 2019
12-13-26-29-30-33 19


Saturday 05 May 2019
02-05-07-17-35-47 33


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Lunchtime Result Older Teatime Results

Teatime Results are the lottery numbers that made their debut in the draw held at the 5:49 pm (UK time). You have to select the teatime results on your own betting slip to be a participant in the teatime draw. The local bookmaker may assist you better with filling our your first betting slip but it's easy even for the first part. Just write in you number, select the draws ( the teatime draw and the lunchtime draw ), write down the number of days and the amount of stake and it's done.

The time for these draws change throughout the year. From the months of February to October, the official time for the teatime results as the second draw of the uk49s lotto is 5:49 pm. However except this specified time of the year, the official time for the uk49s teatime result draw remains 4:49 pm for the rest of the year.

Teatime draw is one of the two draws ( The other one is lunchtime result ) held daily for the uk49s lotto. The uk49s lotto is one of the widely popular lotto in the nation.

The winning numbers from the past 14 days old are shown here, for older results - visit Older Teatime Result Here

The prize structure for the lotto may vary and you need assistance of your local bookmaker for the payout if you succeed in winning your lotto. You may also need to contact a lawyer for some assistance regarding the taxation. The prize structure depends heavily upon the odds of the Uk49s lotto. 

When are the teatime results held?

From the months of February to October, the official time for the teatime result is 5:49 pm. However it remains 4:49 pm for the rest of the year

How do I enroll in teatime draw?

In your betting slip which you get from the local bookmaker, you have to check the teatime draw box. Fill in your betting numbers and the amount and check the box on the side of teatime results. You can also check the lunchtime result if you are interested in the lunchtime results

Is the prize structure different for teatime and lunchtime?

No, the prize structure is independent on the draw in which the participant has participated. It depends upon the odds and the amount you put in, since it varies greatly with the odds and the amount you put in; it is not wise to estimate it.  

Contact us here for any query, complain or suggestion regarding the uk49s teatime winning numbers. We have a dedicated team who are passionate in posting the latest teatime result. Team zlotto wish you best of luck.